Queen Anne Recordings

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Brent Graham - Anne is flat out the best female track artist in the biz. She is conscientious about note accuracy, intonation and vocal production, but more importantly she creates a product that is artistic and musical. Whether it's one of my charts (like The Very Thought of You) or another arranger's chart (like Say Something), the resulting track is so good you want to listen to it over and over. Do yourself a favor and hire Anne for every one of your projects - you won't regret it!

Brian Beck - LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT ! (Smoke Gets in Your Eyes) - the treatment, the phrasing, the incredible tuning... more than just words and notes... made my day!

Tom Gentry - Thanks for sending me your learning track to my arrangement of the Christmas song You Meet the Nicest People.  It sounds great, and you are a valuable addition to the roster of, well, nice people who make learning media for us barbershoppers.

Bev Jackson - The Accolades found a great arrangement of I Don't Know Enough About You.  Anne created learning tracks for us and they are marvelous. I want to sing all four parts!  It has made life so easy for the music team who used to do learning tapes and our singing is not nearly as good as these tracks. Great vowels and accurate , quality singing. What more could you ask?

Janet Kidd - I have been choral musician now for 44 years, (and a choral professional for 30 years) and in that time I'm not sure I've ever heard anything so technically perfect as the Original Dixieland One-Step you just sent us. I'm speechless - and I just want to keep playing it over and over.

Anne Leinen -  My chorus recently had Anne produce learning tracks for Back in the Old Routine and she did a fantastic job. All of the tracks are clear, concise and the quality is wonderful. Many people in my chorus have commented on how much they enjoy listening to the tracks....and the more they like listening to the tracks, the faster they learn it! I would use Anne's learning tracks again without hesitation.

Tedda Lippincott -  Oh Anne - that (A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square) was absolutely beautiful. I would gladly recommend your work.

Wendy McCoole - Sounds of the Seacoast stumbled upon a beautiful Christmas song arranged by Tom Gentry entitled, You Meet The Nicest People. In introducing it to our chorus we knew we would need the help of a talented vocal artist to create learning tracks for us … and Anne Bureau came to mind immediately.  Not only are the tracks beautifully executed but she went above and beyond to demonstrate good, solid vocal production helping our members to not only learn the notes, but to learn them with proper vocal quality right from the get go.  She’s a gem!!!