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Buying Learning Tracks


  • Obtain legal copies of the arrangements and send me a PDF copy by email (otherwise send a hard copy by mail)
  • My typical turnaround time is 6 weeks - if you need something more quickly, please contact me to see if I am able to adjust my schedule.
  • If you are purchasing an existing track, just pay on-line using Pay Pal or your credit card. Once you have paid, copies of the tracks will be sent to you by email.
  • If you are purchasing a custom track, you will recieve an email when it is completed. You may then pay either on-line or by check.
  • If you prefer to pay by check for either an existing or custom track, please send in $US funds to:

           Anne Bureau, 555 Championship Drive, Harleysville PA 19438

How Tracks Are Delivered

All tracks are delivered by email usually the same day as your order. Once we receive confirmation of your order, we manually prepare and send a link which will allow you be able to download the tracks.  Please note: Mechanical Licensing on any learning track is your responsibility.

What You Get

When you add "All Tracks" to the cart you get;

Balanced Mix - This track allows you to hear all of the parts blended together (you can also purchase only this track by selecting "Full Mix Only"and adding to your cart - this allows you to preview the whole song before purchasing all tracks).

Part Predominant (4 tracks) - The designated voice part is placed on the Left Channel, the other parts are placed on the Right Channel. It is set up to be part predominant but the listener can listen to only their part on the left speaker or can sing along with the other parts on the right speaker.

Other options available by request